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1 Instrumentation

Details about the STIX instrumentation can be found in the following paper:

2 STIX data analysis tutorials

STIX tutorials are available at [1].

3 Interacting STIX Data Center using python

Stixdcpy is a Python package that facilitates access and analysis of STIX data. It provides APIs to query and download data from the STIX data center and a set of tools for visualizing data and performing common analysis tasks. With stixdcpy, users can query and download the following types of data from the STIX data center:

  • Quick-look light curves
  • Housekeeping data
  • Science data
  • Energy calibration data
  • Auxiliary data
  • STIX solar flare list
  • STIX operational events"

stixdcpy source code and the tutorial can be found at:

4 How to Cite Our Work