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This is a collection of tutorials prepared by the STIX team and other partners.

STIX Data Center

Access to STIX data

Download data from STIX data center

or (science data only)

Download data from STIX archive server

Data Preparation

[ (coming soon) Troubleshooting STIX image maps - IDL]

[ (coming soon) Troubleshooting STIX image maps - Python]


[STIX OSPEX tutorial]

[STIX XSPEC tutorial]


STIX + Other Instruments

Checking for joint visibility

Getting trajectory data and performing coordinate transformations

Webtool for trajectory data and joint visibility of STIX-observed solar flares from AIA, STIX and STEREO-A.

Multiple instrument spectroscopy

XSPEC/pyXSPEC tutorial

Reprojecting images

Map reprojection tutorial

Composite map plotting tutorial

Other STIX tutorials