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This is a collection of tutorials prepared by the STIX team and other partners.

1 STIX Data Center

2 Access to STIX data

3 Download data from STIX data center

or (science data only)

4 Download data from STIX archive server

5 Data Preparation

[ (coming soon) Troubleshooting STIX image maps - IDL]

6 Spectroscopy

[STIX OSPEX tutorial]

[STIX XSPEC tutorial (Python)]

7 Imaging

8 STIX + Other Instruments

9 Checking for joint visibility

Getting trajectory data and performing coordinate transformations

Webtool for trajectory data and joint visibility of STIX-observed solar flares from AIA, STIX and STEREO-A.

10 Multiple instrument spectroscopy

XSPEC/pyXSPEC tutorial

11 Reprojecting images

Map reprojection tutorial

Composite map plotting tutorial

12 Other STIX tutorials